Our partners and portfolio
The Scandinavian United Chamber of Commerce are an umbrella organization for several chamber of Commerce in Middle East and East Africa active in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran and Somalia.
Scandinavian Airport Road System AB is a world leading producer of surface friction testers for airports and roads. Sarsys Has produced more than 200 units and maintaining more than 300 units worldwide.
Si ATM established in 1981 and today can deliver a complete Air Traffic Management & control system including simulator training applicable not only to their own products but other brands of ATC system. Their system are built in modules and can be tailor made to the clients request and needs. Si ATM system complies with Eurocontrol criteria and categorized as a very advanced ATM system.
Cyclone Technology
While most surface cleaning methods rely on abrasive action, chemicals, or merely smear the contaminated reside and cleaning water from one area to another, CYCLONE’S multi-patented cleaning system is non-abrasive and more effective than any other cleaning method at removing petroleum-based waste, rubber, and paint lines from large concrete and asphalt surfaces. CYCLONE’S Cleaning Systems complete the cleaning process with no harm to the environment and no damage to the cleaned surface, making other systems obsolete and environmentally irresponsible.